Code Name: Oktoberfest - Language Course German Level A1

eBook: Code Name: Oktoberfest - Language Course German Level A1


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Über das eBook

The story in short: Max, a university student from Milan, decides to visit his friend Paul in Munich. While Max is in Bavaria the renown Oktoberfest begins, the world's largest funfair. Max can't wait to visit it, also because he would like to post an article on his blog. But, as soon as the Oktoberfest begins, Max finds himself deep in trouble…
The book also contains several entertaining exercises, which will help you learn faster: "Read & Learn", Focus on Grammar, Solutions, Dossiers 1 + 2

Über den Autor

Alessandra Barabaschi is an art historian, an author, and an enthusiastic cosmopolitan. Since the day she was born in Parma (Italy), she is travelling around the world to get in touch with people, countries, and culture different from her own. She speaks several languages. In 2009 she has founded her own PR agency. At the end of 2010 her first book has been published: A work in four volumes in English dedicated to the magnificent violins of Antonio Stradivari. Moreover, her successful new series of crime novels and tourist guides to learn Italian has hit the market at the end of 2013.

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