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The name, „Edgar Wallace”, threads through early twentieth century crime fiction like a stream that turns out to be a lot deeper and wider than you thought. For many, Haynes, known as „Gunner”, is not an outlaw but a gentleman of unorthodox methods. For Scotland Yard, he is one of the most skilled thieves in the world. The Gunner and Luke Maddison belong to completely different worlds; Luke is a respectable banker with a charming girlfriend. But Luke has done a favor for the „Gunner” that he’ll never forget, so that when the banker gets in trouble, the Gunner intervenes to get him out of his nightmare. In Gunman’s bluff you’ll find wharf rats and millionaires, gangland and Mayfair, the love of a banker and the love of a crook and a ruthless battle between upper world and underworld.

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