MIXtipp Mediterranean Recipes (american english)

ebook: MIXtipp Mediterranean Recipes (american english)

Sprache - Englisch

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About the eBook

Castilian Soup, Vitello Tonnato, Gyros Kefalonia, or Tuscan Rabbit Stew - these are only some delicious examples of Mediterranean Recipes that Maria del Carmen Martin-Gonzales, longtime author of "Cocina tu misma con Thermomix", a Spanish Thermomix Mag, has compiled in this book. This collection is especially suited for Thermomix TM 5 and TM 31 and it will show you how to cook various dishes from the Mediterranean Cuisine in a very new and fun way. It includes a variety of appetizers and soups as well as delicious main courses and refined desserts.
Discover your Mediterranean Soul and enjoy new culinary experiences with your Thermomix and our mixtip(p)s!

About the Author

Maria del Carmen Martin-Gonzalez was born in Andalusia, Spain. She grew up in a family of cooking enthusiasts: it was her mom who taught her all about the Spanish cuisine and her aunt Eloisa who showed her how to handle and enjoy cooking with the Thermomix.
Did you know that among all Europeans the Spanish are the most enthusiastic Thermomixers?
Maria del Carmen used to be an author working for the Spanish Thermomix-Magazine "Cocina tu misma con Thermomix" for a long time, developing Spanish and international recipes for Thermomix kitchen appliances. Today, she lives near Bonn, Germany, together with her husband, two kids, a dog, and a TM 31. But living outside of Spain did not affect her passion for the cuisine of her ancestors: As a co-owner of a Mediterranean restaurant she is still into cooking, preferably with a Thermomix, of course…
Within this book she not only reveals her favorite recipes like Churros or Gambas al Ajillo, for example, but she also gives numerous practical advices and operational support.

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