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Über das eBook

Wilkie Collins' 'A Rogue's Life' is a work of vibrant satirical energy, unfurling within the context of Victorian literature, where morality tales were at the forefront. Collins subverts expectation with his picaresque narrative, following the misadventures of a congenial rogue. His work radiates with the inventiveness of his prose and construction, leading to a form that is both episodic and cohesively engaging. The restoration by DigiCat Publishing has taken great pains to honor the text in a modern context, providing an essential service to both literary scholarship and enthusiasts of classic works. The delicate balance of humor, social commentary, and the depiction of character arc in this book situates it uniquely amongst Collins' contemporaries and offers readers a glimpse into the underbelly of Victorian norms and mores.

Wilkie Collins, an acquaintance and contemporary of Charles Dickens, was a prominent figure in Victorian literature. His propensity for nuanced character studies and intricate plots may find its roots in his own layered personal life and legal training. 'A Rogue's Life' represents a more playful side of Collins, while still weaving the intricate storytelling and suspense for which he is famed. His insight into human nature, combined with a personal disillusionment with societal structure, is evident in the ceaselessly charming yet subtle critique embedded within the life of the protagonist, mirroring Collins' own experiences and reflections on English society.

'A Rogue's Life' is aptly recommended for aficionados of classic literature who seek not only a glimpse into the trials of a bygone era but also a continued relevance in the reflection of our own societal excesses and personalities. Collins, with linguistic prowess and a touch of defiant wit, offers an escapade through the eyes of a loveable scoundrel. Readers who enjoy the convergence of historical context, literary genius, and delightful roguery will find Collins' work to be both an indispensable treasure of literary art, and an enduring commentary on the folly and pretense of human endeavors.

Über den Autor

Wilkie Collins, born William Wilkie Collins on January 8, 1824, in London, England, was a prominent Victorian novelist, playwright, and short story writer known for his spellbinding works in the genre of the mystery and suspense novel. A close friend and collaborator of Charles Dickens, Collins is widely regarded for introducing the reading public to the detective fiction narrative, which laid the foundation for this genre's later development. His writing style is characterized by a keen eye for detail, intricate plots, and an enduring concern for social issues, a trait shared by many of his contemporaries in the social-realist tradition of the 19th century. His novel 'A Rogue's Life' (1856), a picaresque narrative replete with humor and adventure, reflects Collins's dexterity in crafting memorable characters and situations that capture the prevailing societal intrigues of his time. Among his most famous works, 'The Woman in White' (1859) and 'The Moonstone' (1868), exhibit his masterful use of suspense and investigative storytelling, respectively deemed one of the first mystery novels and a precursor to the classic English detective stories. Collins's literary contributions extend beyond his role as an entertainer; his works often challenged the strict moral codes of Victorian society, delving into the complexities of identity, madness, and the unseen depths of the human psyche. Despite his health declining in later years, largely due to gout and opium dependency, Collins continued to write until his death on September 23, 1889. His legacy survives as a cornerstone in the crime and mystery genre of literature.

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