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Kate Plus Ten is a 1917 British crime novel written by Edgar Wallace. Kate Plus Ten displays the police's attempts to capture eighteen-year-old criminal mastermind Kate Wasthanger, a colonel's niece and the strategist behind several increasingly successful swindles. These include stealing a complete and valuable railway goods train. Excerpt: "Each one is bigger than the last – but never once have we traced the crime to her door."

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Edgar Wallace, born on April 1, 1875, in London, England, was a prolific writer who made an indelible mark on the early 20th-century literary scene. Best known for his gripping detective novels, Wallace's foray into literature followed a diverse career, which included journalism, military service, and playwriting. He famously penned the thriller 'Kate Plus Ten' (1919), showcasing his characteristic blend of fast-paced narrative and intricate plotting that enthralled readers worldwide. His literary style was often characterized by a fusion of suspense, action, and a touch of humor, elements that were innovative for their time and which laid the groundwork for the modern thriller genre. Wallace's prodigious output resulted in over 170 novels, 18 stage plays, and countless articles and short stories. His legacy was further cemented when he contributed to the story that would eventually become the classic film 'King Kong' (1933), although he passed away before its completion. Wallace's untimely death on February 10, 1932, did little to diminish his reputation as one of the most widely read and translated authors of his era, an accolade that secured him a prominent place in the annals of crime fiction. His work continues to be celebrated for its enduring ability to captivate and entertain, a testament to Wallace's exceptional talent as a storyteller.

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