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In 'Kate Plus Ten,' Edgar Wallace presents a 1917 British crime novel with intriguing narrative velocity, masterfully entwining the police manhunt for Kate Wasthanger, an ingenious eighteen-year-old criminal mind. Wallace's stylized storytelling, infused with the socio-economic backdrop of post-Edwardian England, sets the stage for Kate's elaborate heists and the consequent cat-and-mouse game with law enforcement. The book is rich with period detail, complex in its character development, and reflective of Wallace's signature literary style that combines suspense, humor, and a touch of romance. Kate's bold stratagems, notably the audacious theft of an entire railway goods train, highlight the era's anxieties over the burgeoning abilities of the criminal underworld and the challenges faced by the police in keeping pace.
Edgar Wallace, a prolific writer known for his journalistic flair and keen insight into the criminal psyche, brings authenticity to the narrative of 'Kate Plus Ten.' His own experiences, from his early reporting on crime to his service in the Medical Corps during World War I, likely informed his depiction of Kate's intricate schemes and the societal ramifications of such criminal enterprises. Wallace's background provides a rich tapestry of themes exploring the interplay between justice, ambition, and the moral ambiguity inherent in the pursuit of one's ideals.
'Kate Plus Ten' is a must-read for fans of classic crime fiction and those interested in the evolution of the genre. The novel offers readers a glimpse into the complexities of early twentieth-century criminality and the sometimes-flawed mechanisms of law enforcement. Ideal for scholars of the period and amateur sleuths alike, the book stays true to the elements that define the heart of suspense literature while providing an insightful commentary on its time. Wallace's ability to craft a tale that is both entertaining and intellectually engaging makes 'Kate Plus Ten' a compelling addition to any literary collection.

About the Author

Edgar Wallace, born on April 1, 1875, in London, England, was a prolific writer who made an indelible mark on the early 20th-century literary scene. Best known for his gripping detective novels, Wallace's foray into literature followed a diverse career, which included journalism, military service, and playwriting. He famously penned the thriller 'Kate Plus Ten' (1919), showcasing his characteristic blend of fast-paced narrative and intricate plotting that enthralled readers worldwide. His literary style was often characterized by a fusion of suspense, action, and a touch of humor, elements that were innovative for their time and which laid the groundwork for the modern thriller genre. Wallace's prodigious output resulted in over 170 novels, 18 stage plays, and countless articles and short stories. His legacy was further cemented when he contributed to the story that would eventually become the classic film 'King Kong' (1933), although he passed away before its completion. Wallace's untimely death on February 10, 1932, did little to diminish his reputation as one of the most widely read and translated authors of his era, an accolade that secured him a prominent place in the annals of crime fiction. His work continues to be celebrated for its enduring ability to captivate and entertain, a testament to Wallace's exceptional talent as a storyteller.

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