P.-C. Lee: Complete Collection of 24 Detective Stories

eBook: P.-C. Lee: Complete Collection of 24 Detective Stories

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This carefully crafted ebook: "P.-C. Lee: Complete Collection of Detective 24 Stories" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
In 1909 Edgar Wallace wrote 24 short stories featuring Police Contable Lee of the London "D" Division for publication in the British weekly magazine Ideas. A number of these were reprinted in Ideas in 1928-1929 (some under new titles) and in other magazines. Nine of the P.C. Lee stories were later included in the 1961 collection The Undisclosed Client and Other Stories. So far as could be ascertained, the only story in the series that appeared in any collection published during Wallace's lifetime was "Change," which was re-written (without P.C. Lee) as "Mr. Sigee's Relations" for The Lady Called Nita, published by George Newnes, London, in 1930.
Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer. As well as journalism, Wallace wrote screen plays, poetry, historical non-fiction, 18 stage plays, 957 short stories and over 170 novels, 12 in 1929 alone. More than 160 films have been made of Wallace's work.
Table of Contents:
Mr. Simmons' Profession
A Man of Note
For Jewey's Laggin'
How He Lost His Moustache
Sergeant Run-A-Mile
The Sentimental Burglar
A Case for Angel, Esquire
Fireless Telegraphy
The General Practitioner
The Snatchers
The Gold Mine
Mouldy the Scrivener
Mrs. Flindin's Lodger
The Story of a Great Cross-Examination
The Silence of P.-C. Hirley
The Power of the Eye
The Convict's Daughter
The Derby Favourite
The Last Adventure

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