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Der leuchtende Schlüssel Edgar Wallace - Horace Tom Tickler, der Ganove, war tot. Erschossen in einem fremden Auto, mitten in London, vor dem eleganten Gesandschafts-Klub. "Wenn Sie wissen wollen, wer Tickler ermordet hat, erkundigen Sie sich bei Mr. Moran." Das stand auf einer Karte, die an Chefinspektor Smith adressiert war. Der Inspektor hielt Mr. Moran schon immer für eine dunkle Persönlichkeit.

Über den Autor

Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles in newspapers and journals.

Over 160 films have been made of his novels, more than any other author. In the 1920s, one of Wallace's publishers claimed that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him.

He is most famous today as the co-creator of "King Kong", writing the early screenplay and story for the movie, as well as a short story "King Kong" (1933) credited to him and Draycott Dell. He was known for the J. G. Reeder detective stories, The Four Just Men, the Ringer, and for creating the Green Archer character during his lifetime.

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