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In 'How to Get What You Want' by Wallace D. Wattles, readers are guided on a transformative journey towards achieving their desires. The book provides practical advice on visualizing goals and taking actionable steps towards their realization. The writing style is straightforward and motivational, making it easily accessible to readers seeking self-improvement. Wattles blends elements of self-help, psychology, and metaphysical teachings to create a unique literary work that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Published in 1910, the book reflects the New Thought movement of the early 20th century, emphasizing the power of positive thinking and individual agency in shaping one's destiny. Wattles' emphasis on the connection between mindset and outcomes adds depth to the narrative, making it a valuable resource for personal development and growth. Through examples and exercises, readers learn how to harness their potential and manifest their deepest desires. Wallace D. Wattles, a pioneer in the self-help genre, drew inspiration from his own experiences and observations to write 'How to Get What You Want.' His holistic approach to success resonates with readers seeking holistic solutions to life's challenges. With a focus on inner transformation and external manifestations, Wattles' work continues to inspire generations of readers to pursue their goals with intention and purpose.

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Wallace Delois Wattles (1860–1911) was an American New Thought writer, often recognized for his work in the self-help and personal development genre. His most famous book, 'The Science of Getting Rich' (1910), became a cornerstone of the prosperity-consciousness movement, massively influencing later thinkers and writers in the field. A lesser-known, yet impactful, work by Wattles is 'How to Get What You Want' in which he extends his theories, positing that a precise understanding of the science of attraction can lead to desired outcomes in various aspects of life. Wattles' literary style reflects the New Thought Movement's emphasis on positive thinking, affirmations, and the belief in an omnipotent, beneficent Universe. His work is characteristic of the late 19th and early 20th century self-help manuscripts in both tone and content, marked by a didactic prose aimed at presenting its theories as practically applicable truths. Though Wattles passed away shortly after publishing his most influential works, his legacy endures, continuing to attract readers interested in the laws of attraction, wealth-building, and personal empowerment. In scholarly discussions of early 20th-century American self-help and motivational literature, Wattles stands out as an essential figure whose ideas laid the groundwork for many contemporary self-improvement philosophies.

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