The Healing Power of Christ

eBook: The Healing Power of Christ

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Much has been written and said about the healing methods that Jesus used in His very striking cures of physical ills. However, very few have dared even to suggest that Jesus applied universal law in His restorative methods. Charles Fillmore have found that Jesus' healing methods were based on universal mental and spiritual laws that anyone can utilize. Ultimately, that cognition led him to the conclusion that man and the universe are founded on mind and that all changes for good or ill are changes of mind. Contents: Christian Healing: Lesson One The True Character of Being Statements for the Realization of Divine Mind Lesson Two Being's Perfect Idea Statements for the Realization of the Son of God Lesson Three Manifestation "I AM" Realizations Lesson Four The Formative Power of Thought Affirmations for Right Thinking Lesson Five How to Control Thought Cleansing and Purifying Statements Lesson Six The Word The Power of Words Lesson Seven Spirituality or Prayer and Praise Living Words to Quicken Spirituality Establishing the Perfect Substance Lesson Eight Faith Faith Affirmations Lesson Nine Imagination Perfection in Form Established Lesson Ten Will and Understanding The Establishment of Will and Understanding Lesson Eleven Judgment and Justice Judgment and Justice Statements Lesson Twelve Love Love Demonstrated Study Helps and Questions Jesus Christ Heals: Be Thou Made Whole God Presence Realization Precedes Manifestation Producing Results The Omnipotence of Prayer God Said, and It Was So Indispensable Assurance The Fullness of Time Healing through Praise and Thanksgiving I Am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life Healing Power of Joy Holy Spirit Fulfills the Law

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