The Twelve Powers of Man

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This book aims to clear up the mystery that ever envelops the advent, life, and death of Jesus. To the superficial reader of the Gospels His life was a tragedy and, so far as concerns the kingly reign that was prophesied, it was a failure. Yet those who understand the subtlety of the soul and supremacy of Spirit see that Jesus was conqueror of a psychic force that was destroying the human race. Jesus was the star actor in the greatest drama ever played on earth. This drama was developed in the celestial realm, its object being to inject new life into perishing men. The full significance of this great plan of salvation cannot be understood by man until he awakens faculties that relate him to the earth beneath and heavens above. Contents The Twelve Powers of Man The Development of Faith Strength -- Stability -- Steadfastness Wisdom -- Judgment Regenerating Love Power -- Dominion -- Mastery The Work of the Imagination in Regeneration Understanding The Will Is the Man Spiritual Law and Order Zeal -- Enthusiasm Renunciation Generative Life

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