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In this edition the author has attempted to explain man's lawful appropriation of the supplies spiritually and electrically provided by God. "When we understand and adjust our mind to the realm or kingdom where these rich ideas and their electrical thought forms exist, we shall experience in our temporal affairs what is called 'prosperity.'" Contents: Spiritual Substance, the Fundamental Basis of the Universe Spiritual Mind, the Omnipresent Directive Principle of Prosperity Faith in the Invisible Substance, the Key to Demonstration Man, the Inlet and Outlet of Divine Mind The Law That Governs the Manifestation of Supply Wealth of Mind Expresses Itself in Riches God Has Provided Prosperity for Every Home God Will Pay Your Debts Tithing, the Road to Prosperity Right Giving, the Key to Abundant Receiving Laying Up Treasures Overcoming the Thought of Lack

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