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'Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite' is a novel by Anthony Trollope. It offers psychological dissection of the issues of inheritance, filial duty, noblesse oblige, gentlemanly behavior, repentance and love, all hung upon the story of the wooing and losing of Sir Harry Hotspur's daughter (and heir to his property), Emily, by their "scamp" of a cousin (and heir to Sir Harry's baronetcy), Captain George Hotspur.

Über den Autor

Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was an English novelist renowned for his insightful depictions of the social and political landscapes of Victorian society. Trollope's prolific career encompasses the creation of more than forty novels, as well as various short stories and travelogues. His character-driven narratives often embody a biting critique of the class and gender dynamics of his time, offering a window into the mores and struggles of the British middle class. One of his noteworthy works, 'Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite' (1871), showcases his expertise in exploring the themes of family honor, generational conflict, and the plight of women constrained by societal expectations. Known for his keenly serialized storytelling, Trollope's literary style combines realism with a touch of irony, allowing him to delve into complex moral quandaries without sacrificing the compelling drive of his plots. In addition to 'Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite', Trollope's well-acclaimed 'Chronicles of Barsetshire' and 'Palliser' series have cemented his place as a central figure in English literature. His forthright narrative voice and shrewd examinations of the Victorian era continue to engage readers and scholars alike, making him a subject of enduring academic interest and popular enjoyment.

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