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The novel, "Ayala's Angel" is about love and finding the perfect person to marry. The novel tells the story of a young woman Ayala, who is forced to choose a husband from among three men. Ayala's obsession with finding her perfect man, an 'Angel of light' interferes with her ability to see him even when meeting him. Will Ayala notice her angel of light?

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Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was a prolific English novelist of the Victorian era, renowned for his keen observations of the British class system and the idiosyncrasies of its society. His works are distinguished by a rich tapestry of character development and an acute understanding of the social issues of his time. Trollope penned 47 novels, a number of short stories, and various articles and letters. Among his most significant contributions to literature is the series 'The Chronicles of Barsetshire', which includes novels such as 'The Warden' and 'Barchester Towers', illustrating the lives and relationships within a fictional English county. He also wrote the politically charged 'Palliser' series, reflecting his genuine interest in the political landscape of England. 'Ayala's Angel', published in 1881, is another of Trollope's standalone novels. It is a work that exemplifies his narrative prowess, combining romance with the exploration of social customs and the position of women in society. His depiction of the protagonist, Ayala Dormer, establishes Trollope as a writer with a nuanced understanding of psychological depth and the complexities entwined in the human heart. Trollope's literary style is marked by realism, infused with humor and compassion. His influence endures to this day, making him a subject of academic study and critical analysis and placing him in the canon of English literature. His writings continue to provide insight into the fabric of 19th century England and its social mores, making Trollope an essential figure in literary history.

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