The Western Greats Anthology - Zane Grey Edition

eBook: The Western Greats Anthology - Zane Grey Edition

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E-artnow presents to you the ultimate Zane Grey collection, a book set consisting of the most notable novels and stories by this great author of the Western genre. Zane Grey,played a significant role in shaping the myths of the Wild West and paved the way for the western genre as one of its pioneers and the greatest writers of the genre.
This edition includes:
Betty Zane
The Spirit of the Border
The Last of the Plainsmen
The Last Trail
The Heritage of the Desert
The Young Forester
The Young Lion Hunter
Riders of the Purple Sage
Desert Gold
The Light of the Western Stars
The Rustlers of Pecos County
The Lone Star Ranger
Rainbow Trail
The Border Legion
The UP Trail
The Desert of Wheat
The Man of the Forest
The Mysterious Rider
To the Last Man
Tales of Lonely Trails
Wanderer of the Wasteland
Tappan's Burro
The Call of the Canyon
Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon
The Thundering Herd
The Vanishing American
Under the Tonto Rim
Captives of the Desert
Wild Horse Mesa
The Deer Stalker
From Missouri
The Great Slave
The Rubber Hunter
The Ranger
Canyon Walls
Forlorn River
The Shepherd of Guadaloupe
Sunset Pass
Arizona Ames
Robbers' Roost
The Drift Fence
The Hash Knife Outfit
The Code of the West
Thunder Mountain
The Trail Driver
West of the Pecos
Raiders of Spanish Peaks
Knights of the Range
Thirty Thousand on the Hoof
Twin Sombreros
Majesty's Rancho
The Wilderness Trek
Valley of Wild Horses
Lost Pueblo
Black Mesa
Stranger from the Tonto
The Fugitive Trail
Arizona Clan
Stairs of Sand
The Lost Wagon Train
Shadow on the Trail
The Maverick Queen
The Dude Ranger
Horse Heaven Hill
Fighting Caravans
Western Union

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