The Complete Sanders of the River Series

eBook: The Complete Sanders of the River Series

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Edgar Wallace is one of the most popular classics of the English detective. The unpredictable dynamic plots of his books gave rise to more than 160 adaptations! The author worked a lot with Hollywood: he was the screenwriter of the legendary King Kong and the first film version of The Baskervilles Dogs. Chases, shootings, changing clothes, luxury villas and cars are integral parts of Wallace’s stories. Mysterious murders, dizzying intrigues, dangerous investigations and unpredictable plot twists! The multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: „Sanders of the River”, „The People of the River”, „The River of Stars”, „Bosambo of the River”, „Bones”, „The Keepers of the King’s Peace”, „Lieutenant Bones, Bones in London”, „Sandi the Kingmaker”, „Bones of the River”, „Sanders”, „Again Sanders”.

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