Brother of the Cheyennes

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Rusty Sabin was born to white parents but brought up by the Cheyenne Indians. Raised by Spotted Antelope and Bitter Root, Rusty, now known as Red Hawk, refuses the compulsory and brutal initiation into the tribe when he is fifteen. But in his twenties, Red Hawk sets out to take his place among white people. Rusty doesn’t know much about the white man’s ways especially a white man like Bill Tenney. A thief Tenney is only interested in one thing – Rusty’s white stallion, considered sacred among the Cheyennes. Meanwhile Major Marston is determined to come between Rusty and his sweetheart, Maisry, and the Cheyennes do all they can to compel Rusty to return to his tribe. „Brothers of the Cheyennes” is the second installment of the Rusty Sabin trilogy by an American fiction author Max Brand.

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