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<b>Keen to learn but short on time? Find out everything you need to know about the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci in just 50 minutes with this straightforward and engaging guide!</b>

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, inventor and engineer who was renowned as one of the leading figures of the Italian Renaissance. During his lifetime he attracted the attention of a variety of wealthy patrons who commissioned him both to make unique art pieces and to carry out tasks in other fields, such as reinforcing city fortifications. His most famous works are
<i>The Last Supper</i> and the
<i>Mona Lisa</i>, the latter of which was the subject of centuries of speculation regarding the subject of the portrait. He also developed innovative new painting techniques such as
<i>sfumato</i>, pyramidal composition and atmospheric perspective, all of which influenced the emergence of new artistic styles in the following centuries.

<b>In this book, you will learn about:</b>

• The artistic and historical context of 15th-century Italy

• Da Vinci’s main works, including his famous masterpiece the
<i>Mona Lisa</i>

• His influence on future generations of artists, scientists and inventors

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