The Baby's Own Aesop

eBook: The Baby's Own Aesop

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The Fox and the Grapes
The Cock and the Pearl—The Wolf and the Lamb
The Wind and the Sun
King Log and King Stork
The Frightened Lion
The Mouse and the Lion—The Married Mouse
Hercules and the Waggoner
The Lazy Housemaids
The Snake and the File—The Fox and the Crow
The Dog in the Manger—The Frog and the Bull
The Fox and the Crane
Horse and Man—The Ass and the Enemy
The Fox and the Mosquitoes—The Fox and the Lion
The Miser and his Gold—The Golden Eggs
The Man that pleased None
The Oak and the Reeds—The Fir and the Bramble
The Trees and the Woodman
The Hart and the Vine
The Man and the Snake
The Fox and the Mask
The Ass in the Lion's Skin
The Lion and the Statue
The Boaster
The Vain Jackdaw
The Peacock's Complaint
The Two Jars—The Two Crabs
Brother and Sister
The Fox without a Tail
The Dog and the Shadow
The Crow and the Pitcher—The Eagle and the Crow
The Blind Doe
The Geese and the Cranes
The Trumpeter taken Prisoner
Hot and Cold
Neither Beast nor Bird
The Stag in the Ox-stall—The Deer and the Lion
The Lion in Love
The Cat and Venus—Mice in Council
The Hen and the Fox—The Cat and the Fox
The Hare and the Tortoise—The Hares and the Frogs
Porcupine, Snake and Company—The Bear and the Bees
The Bundle of Sticks
The Farmer's Treasure
The Cock, the Ass, and the Lion—The Ass and the Lap Dog
Fortune and the Boy
The Ungrateful Wolf—The Fisherman and the Fish
The Herdsman's Votes—The Horse and the Ass
The Ass and the Sick Lion

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