MIXtipp Favourite SMOOTHIES (british english)

eBook: MIXtipp Favourite SMOOTHIES (british english)

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Über das eBook

Smoothies: the perfect start in the day, a healthy snack for in-between or a whole meal replacement. Prepared super fast and super easy, these energy boosters provide the body with all important vitamins and minerals necessary.
Working out a one week detox plan our author Alexander Augustin dedicated himself to these tasty fruit and veggie shakes, and came to know and love them thoroughly. Since then, he spoils his wife and son with fancy mix combinations he has created himself. Especially his son cannot seem to get enough of these colourful fruit juices.
This book represents a compilation of Alexander Augustin's favorite recipes. He enriched them with smart tips and tricks all about smoothies. With the help of a comprehensive glossary listing all fruits and vegetables used you will find out easily, what vitamins are in your favourite smoothie.
If you replace a meal with these power drinks, they will even help you to reduce weight! Needless to say, that all smoothies can be prepared easily with the TM 5 or the TM 31. Just mix and enjoy!

Über den Autor

Alexander Augustin is a passionate amateur cook living with his family near Bonn, Germany. Some time ago, his wife took him to an in-home demonstration of the TM 31. She had a hard time convincing him to join her, but at the end of the demonstration the inevitable happened: the order form for a Thermomix was filled out and signed.
Today, Alexander cooks with a TM 5 and has become a true Thermomix expert. There is hardly a day when the Thermomix is not in use at the Augustins house. Also results are noticed on the bathroom scales. Last year Alexander did a fasting diet for a week in spring and with smoothies he had good experiences with desired result. And his little son, who used to be a true veggie-avoider became really enthusiastic about these colourful fruit and veggie drinks.
The energy the Augustins have gained with their smoothies Alexander used immediately to get creative and implement this book project, compiling his favourite smoothies.

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