MIXtipp Recipes for Babies and Young Children (british english)

eBook: MIXtipp Recipes for Babies and Young Children (british english)

Sprache - Englisch

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Über das eBook

Do you want to have a healthy diet for your baby right from the start? Therefore, it should get all nutrients necessary for growing and get familiar with the natural flavor of fresh ingredients. With this cook book, Sarah Petrovic has compiled the best and most delicious recipes for baby food - concerning young and older infants.

You will find tasty and well-balanced recipes starting from the first carrot puree and pureed meat like spelt pasta with meat sauce to a variety of fruit purees like the biscuit, melon & spelt flakes cereal. In addition to that, you'll get useful tips on the nutrition of your baby. All recipes are nutritional-physiological tested and can easily be prepared, mixed and frozen.

Simply easy and yummy!

Über den Autor

Sarah Petrovic first heard about the Thermomix when her first child was in a toddler group. Some other mothers there were very enthusiastic about how easy and quick it was to cook tasty and healthy baby food for their young ones. So Sarah tried her first baby food recipes for herself and became enthusiastic as well! Whether parsnip puree or spelt pasta with meat sauce: With each dish that Sarah tried her little daughter became more curious about new tastes.
Sarah's husband at first had his doubts about the Thermomix but he was soon convinced. He was able to cook all sorts of cereals and purees for his kids all by himself easily. And no chopping vegetables by hand. Above all, he realized that cooking baby food with the Thermomix is a lot cheaper than buying ready-made baby food in the store.

Sarah has worked with books for a long time. After maternity leave she now returned to our publishing house with many ideas of how to share her enthusiasm for the Thermomix with others on a professional basis. All of her three kids at the age of 2, 4, and 6 years have tasted all her baby food recipes and meanwhile her oldest daughter loves to help her preparing the food for her little brother in the mixing bowl of the Thermomix.

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