THE RONICKY DOONE TRILOGY (Western Classics Series)

eBook: THE RONICKY DOONE TRILOGY (Western Classics Series)

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Ronicky Doone is a hero of the West, respected by the honest citizen and feared and despised by waylaying bandits from Tombstone to Sonora. A horse breaker and rabble-rouser, he challenges every gunslinger in the West to outdraw him, and never loses. Adventurer by instinct Ronicky Doone becomes the meanest gun-fighter in the Wild West, fighting bandits and outlaws in search of love and adventure.
Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944) was an American author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns under the pen name Max Brand. Prolific in many genres he wrote historical novels, detective mysteries, pulp fiction stories and many more. His love for mythology was a constant source of inspiration for his fiction, and it has been speculated that these classical influences accounted in some part for his success as a popular writer. Many of his stories would later inspire films.
Table of Contents:
Ronicky Doone
Ronicky Doone's Treasure
Ronicky Doone's Reward

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