The Big Book of Spooky Tales - Horror Classics Anthology

eBook: The Big Book of Spooky Tales - Horror Classics Anthology

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This unique collection of the greatest mysterious dark tales, supernatural stories & horror classics has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards. Get ready to be spooked and thrilled by the greatest master story-tellers: Ghost Stories: Thrawn Janet (Robert Louis Stevenson) The Horla (Guy de Maupassant) To Sura: A Letter (Pliny the Younger) . . . The Man Who Went Too Far (E.F. Benson) The Phantom Rickshaw (Rudyard Kipling) The Apparition of Mrs. Veal (Daniel Defoe) The Damned Thing (Ambrose Bierce) . . . The Deserted House (E. T. A. Hoffmann) The Withered Arm (Thomas Hardy) The House and the Brain (Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton) The Roll-Call of the Reef (A. T. Quiller-Couch) The Open Door (Mrs. Margaret Oliphant) . . . Paranormal Psychic Stories: When the World Was Young (Jack London) Joseph—A Story (Katherine Rickford) Ligeia (Edgar Allan Poe) A Ghost (Lafcadio Hearn) The Eyes of the Panther (Ambrose Bierce) Photographing Invisible Beings (William T. Stead) The Sin-Eater (Fiona Macleod) . . . Suspense Stories: The Birth Mark (Nathaniel Hawthorne) The Oblong Box (Edgar Allan Poe) A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins) The Torture by Hope (Villiers de l'Isle Adam) The Mysterious Card (Cleveland Moffett) . . . Humorous Paranormal Stories: The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange (A. Conan Doyle) Mr. Bloke's Item (Mark Twain) The Man Who Went Too Far (E. F. Benson) The Man With The Pale Eyes (Guy de Maupassant) . . .

Über den Autor

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is renowned for his profound literary contributions, particularly in the realm of macabre and gothic fiction. An American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic, Poe is best known for his evocative short stories and poems that have captured the imagination of readers worldwide. His ingenious manipulation of themes such as death, decay, and madness is encapsulated in works like 'The Fall of the House of Usher' and 'The Tell-Tale Heart,' as well as his famous poem 'The Raven.' Poe's mastery over the psychological horror genre has been influential, not just in literature but also in the evolution of horror as a distinct cinematic and storytelling medium. Within 'The Big Book of Spooky Tales - Horror Classics Anthology,' readers are offered a comprehensive collection of Poe's chilling tales, providing a window into his dark, albeit captivating, view of the human psyche and the supernatural. His unique literary style, which combines a rich vocabulary with intricate plot structures and an emphasis on atmosphere, has firmly established Poe as a central figure in the canon of American Romanticism and as a pioneer of the detective fiction genre, further evidenced by his creation 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue.' Despite his tragic and mysterious death at the young age of 40, Poe's legacy endures, continuing to intrigue and terrify audiences to this day.

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