Stephen Crane - Ultimate Collection: 200+ Novels, Short Stories & Poems

eBook: Stephen Crane - Ultimate Collection: 200+ Novels, Short Stories & Poems

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DigiCat presents to you this meticulously edited Stephen Crane collection: Table of Contents: Novels and Novellas: The Red Badge of Courage Maggie: A Girl of the Streets George's Mother The Third Violet Active Service The Monster The O'Ruddy Short Stories: The Little Regiment and Other Episodes from the American Civil War: The Little Regiment Three Miraculous Soldiers A Mystery of Heroism An Indiana Campaign A Grey Sleeve The Veteran The Open Boat and Other Stories: The Open Boat A Man and Some Others The Bride comes to Yellow Sky The Wise Men The Five White Mice Flanagan and His Short Filibustering Adventure Horses Death and the Child An Experiment in Misery The Men in the Storm The Dual that was not Fought An Ominous Baby A Great Mistake An Eloquence of Grief The Auction The Pace of Youth A Detail Blue Hotel His New Mittens Whilomville Stories: The Angel Child Lynx-Hunting The Lover and the Telltale "Showin' Off" Making an Orator Shame The Carriage-Lamps The Knife The Stove The Trial, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps The Fight The City Urchin and the Chaste Villagers A Little Pilgrimage Wounds in the Rain – War Stories: The Price of the Harness The Lone Charge of William B. Perkins The Clan of No-Name God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen The Revenge of the Adolphus The Sergeant's Private Madhouse Virtue in War Marines Signalling under Fire at Guantanamo This Majestic Lie War Memories The Second Generation Great Battles of the World: Vittoria The Siege of Plevna The Storming of Burkersdorf Heights A Swede's Campaign in Germany The Storming of Badajoz The Brief Campaign Against New Orleans The Battle of Solferino The Battle of Bunker Hill Last Words: The Reluctant Voyagers Spitzbergen Tales Wyoming Valley Tales London Impressions New York Sketches The Assassins in Modern Battles Irish Notes Sullivan County Sketches Miscellaneous The Black Dog A Tent in Agony An Experiment in Luxury The Scotch Express Twelve O'Clock Manacled A Dark-Brown Dog… Poetry: The Black Riders and Other Lines War is Kind

Über den Autor

Stephen Crane (1871-1900) is renowned as an American novelist, poet, and short story writer, with a literary career that has left a considerable mark despite his short life. One of the most prominent figures in naturalistic writing, Crane's work exposes the human condition's vulnerability and determinism. His most acclaimed novel, 'The Red Badge of Courage' (1895), a gripping account of a young soldier's experiences in the Civil War, is a staple in American literature for its realistic portrayal and psychological depth. Comet to that, his prose collection 'Stephen Crane - Ultimate Collection: 200+ Novels, Short Stories & Poems' provides an extensive overview of his oeuvre, showcasing his talent in capturing the essence of his characters' internal struggles and the harsh realities they face, often with an underlying current of irony and a sense of cosmic indifference. Crane's stories, often set in the underbelly of city life or the brutality of war, demonstrate the author's lean, direct style and his emphasis on the individual's plight within the impersonal forces of society. As a figure who bridged the gap between 19th-century American literature and the emerging modernist trend, Crane's works have been the subject of extensive critical study and continue to influence writers and readers alike with their unflinching honesty and stylistic innovation.

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