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"Albert" is a short story by Nobel Prize winning Russian author Leo Tolstoy. The lead character, Albert, is a homeless, yet brilliant, violinist. The kind stranger Delesov wanted to save the young violinist, but after taking him home, discovers that Albert's drinking and temper threaten to destroy his entire family. Albert has been described as reflection on moral questions of art, and society's ability to recognize true art.

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Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, commonly known as Leo Tolstoy, was one of the most eminent writers in the history of world literature. Born into Russian aristocracy on September 9, 1828, Tolstoy's extensive body of work is celebrated for its epic scale and its insight into human experience. Although 'Albert' does not appear to be one of Tolstoy's recognized novels or short stories, his illustrious career is marked by masterpieces such as 'War and Peace' (1869) and 'Anna Karenina' (1877), which delve deeply into the complexities of human society and individual morality. Tolstoy's literary style is noted for its intricate character development and moral philosophizing, often reflecting his own beliefs and experiences. His works traverse a diverse range of topics, from the mundanity of the bourgeoisie to the horrors of war, all while dissecting the ethical battles that rage within the human soul. His later works also reflect his growing inclination towards Christian anarchism, pacifism, and a simplistic life, as seen in writings such as 'The Kingdom of God Is Within You' (1894). Tolstoy's influence extends beyond literature; it is embedded in the revolution of social thought and nonviolent resistance, impacting figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., and continues to resonate across generations. He died on November 20, 1910, but left behind a legacy wrought from the foundational questions of existence, interlaced with an uncompromising pursuit of truth.

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