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Soft Metal is a collection of 3 novels under Max Brand's authorship. The Red Bandana is about a good friend trying to warn of a bad man, Bill Orping, a cold-blooded killer extraordinaire. His Name His Fortune is about a gambler who falls in love with the daughter of a brutal enemy. Lastly, Soft Metal is about a wanted man Larry Givain who meets with a beautiful woman who is also associated with a rival posse pursuing Givain.

Über den Autor

Max Brand, one of the many pseudonyms of Frederick Schiller Faust (1892–1944), was a prolific American author known for his Westerns, adventure novels, and short stories. Highly regarded for his narratives of the American frontier, Brand displayed a literary style that was characterized by fast-paced plots and a vivid, colorful portrayal of setting and character, making his work a staple of early 20th-century pulp fiction. 'Soft Metal' is one of the numerous works by Brand that showcase his talent for storytelling and his ability to weave intricate tales that captivate readers. Born in Seattle, Washington, Faust began his writing career with modest success in the early 1910s but eventually gained widespread popularity under the Max Brand moniker, along with other pseudonyms like George Owen Baxter and Evan Evans. His seminal work includes titles like 'Destry Rides Again' and 'The Untamed,' which helped solidify his reputation as a master of the Western genre. A prolific writer, his output was phenomenal, with over 500 novels and numerous short stories to his name, which continued to be published posthumously. Faust's contribution to literature was cut short by his death during World War II, where he served as a war correspondent. Despite his premature passing, Max Brand's legacy endures through his extensive bibliography and his profound influence on the Western canon and adventure fiction.

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