The Complete Silvertip Series

eBook: The Complete Silvertip Series

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„Max Brand is an American writer, considered one of the best authors who worked in the Western genre. In total, he wrote about 500 works, of which 300 were in this genre. Silvertip is a western novel about revenge and quest completion. Silvertip wanted to kill a cold-blooded Bandini, but it was a child in a Bandini cloak...The multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: «Silvertip», «The Man from Mustang», «Silvertip’s Strike», «Silvertip’s Roundup», «Silvertip’s Trap», «The Fighting Four», «Silvertip’s Chase», «Silvertip’s Search», «The Stolen Stallion», «Valley Thieves», «Mountain Riders», «The Valley of Vanishing Men», «The False Rider».

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