Your First Foal

eBook: Your First Foal

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Our comprehensive guide on breeding, feeding and animal husbandry

Many horse owners dream of having a foal from their own mare. However, irrespective of the delights associated with this experience, the pregnancy of the mare and the growth of the foal demand a high degree of care, patience and knowledge.

This practical manual provides a comprehensive guide on the subjects of breeding, feeding and husbandry of a mare and foal for the private horse owner.

The reader will find all the necessary information about covering the mare, correct feeding during the late pregnancy and lactating period, the birth of the foal as well as the appropriate care of the foal.

Über den Autor

Karin Kattwinkel studied agricultural sciences with an emphasis on animal breeding and husbandry. She owns an equine training and seminar institute and a teaching college for the holistic approach to equine health in Germany.

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