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This meticulously edited Henry James collection includes his complete novels and short stories, as well as literary essays, plays, travel sketches and reports of the great author. The life of Henry James is revealed in different biographies, and in his three autobiographical books._x000D_ Content:_x000D_ Novels:_x000D_ Watch and Ward_x000D_ Roderick Hudson_x000D_ The American_x000D_ The Europeans_x000D_ Confidence_x000D_ Washington Square_x000D_ The Portrait of a Lady_x000D_ The Bostonians_x000D_ The Princess Casamassima_x000D_ The Reverberator_x000D_ The Tragic Muse _x000D_ The Other House_x000D_ The Spoils of Poynton_x000D_ What Maisie Knew_x000D_ The Awkward Age_x000D_ The Sacred Fount_x000D_ The Wings of the Dove_x000D_ The Ambassadors_x000D_ The Golden Bowl_x000D_ The Outcry_x000D_ The Ivory Tower_x000D_ The Sense of the Past_x000D_ Short Stories_x000D_ A Passionate Pilgrim_x000D_ The Last of the Valerii_x000D_ Eugene Pickering_x000D_ The Madonna of the Future_x000D_ The Romance of Certain Old Clothes_x000D_ Madame de Mauves_x000D_ Tales of Three Cities_x000D_ The Impressions of a Cousin_x000D_ Lady Barberina_x000D_ A New England Winter_x000D_ Stories Revived_x000D_ The Author of 'Beltraffio'_x000D_ Pandora_x000D_ The Path of Duty_x000D_ A Light Man_x000D_ A Day of Days_x000D_ Georgina's Reasons_x000D_ A Landscape-Painter_x000D_ Théodolinde _x000D_ Poor Richard_x000D_ Master Eustace_x000D_ A Most Extraordinary Case_x000D_ A London Life_x000D_ The Patagonia_x000D_ The Liar_x000D_ Mrs. Temperly_x000D_ The Real Thing _x000D_ Sir Dominick Ferrand_x000D_ Nona Vincent_x000D_ The Chaperon_x000D_ Greville Fane_x000D_ The Siege of London_x000D_ An International Episode_x000D_ The Pension Beaurepas_x000D_ A Bundle of Letters_x000D_ The Point of View_x000D_ Terminations_x000D_ Embarrassments_x000D_ The Two Magics_x000D_ The Soft Side_x000D_ The Finer Grain_x000D_ Other Stories_x000D_ Plays:_x000D_ Daisy Miller_x000D_ Pyramus and Thisbe_x000D_ Still Waters_x000D_ A Change of Heart_x000D_ The Album_x000D_ Disengaged_x000D_ Tenants_x000D_ The Reprobate_x000D_ Guy Domville_x000D_ The Outcry_x000D_ The High Bid_x000D_ Summersoft_x000D_ Travel Writings:_x000D_ A Little Tour in France_x000D_ English Hours_x000D_ Italian Hours_x000D_ The American Scene_x000D_ Transatlantic Sketches_x000D_ Portraits of Places_x000D_ Essays:_x000D_ Notes on Novelists_x000D_ Views and Reviews_x000D_ Within the Rim and Other Essays_x000D_ French Poets and Novelists_x000D_ Partial Portraits_x000D_ Essays in London and Elsewhere_x000D_ Notes and Reviews_x000D_ Picture and Text_x000D_ Biographies:_x000D_ Hawthorne_x000D_ William Wetmore Story and His Friends_x000D_ Rupert Brooke_x000D_ Autobiographies:_x000D_ A Small Boy and Others_x000D_ Notes of a Son and Brother_x000D_ The Middle Years

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Henry James (1843–1916) was an esteemed American-born writer, recognized for his novels, short stories, and criticism that intricately weave together the themes of consciousness, perception, and society. Born in New York City, James went on to spend most of his adult life in Europe, which significantly influenced his literary productions. His works frequently explore the complex interplay between the Old World and the New, often focusing on the clash of values and cultures as experienced by American expatriates in Europe.

James's literary style is notable for its pioneering use of psychological realism and interior monologues. His narrative technique, involving the point of view of a central consciousness, has placed him as a key figure in the transition between 19th-century realism and 20th-century modernism. Among his major contributions are 'The Portrait of a Lady' and 'The Wings of the Dove', reflecting his keen observation of character and social convention. His late masterworks also include 'The Golden Bowl' and the reflective novella 'The Turn of the Screw'.

The compilation 'The Complete Works' testifies to the breadth and depth of James's literary artistry, spanning over his prolific career. His enduring influence extends to writers and critics alike, and he remains a critical figure in American literature and the broader narrative of Western culture. The signature 'Henry James style', with its elaborate sentences and psychological finesse, continues to be studied and revered in the literary world.

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