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"The Girl at the Gate" was one of the most popular works of its time. It was published in New York in December 1884 before its January 1885 appearance in "The English Illustrated Magazine." It was explicitly written for this special December 27, 1884 "Christmas Spirit" issue of The Spirit of the Times, The American Gentleman's Newspaper. This story is also considered one of the first modern English detective novels. Here, one can find all the elements typical for a novel: a love triangle, a mysterious illness, and poisoned medicine.

Über den Autor

Wilkie Collins, born William Wilkie Collins on January 8, 1824, was an innovative English novelist, playwright, and author of short stories. He is best known for his contributions to the genre of sensation fiction, a genre known for its exploration of crime, intrigue, and domestic scandal, often set within Victorian society. Collins' prowess in weaving tales of suspense and the uncanny, characterized by a meticulous attention to plot and the foibles of legal and societal structures, afforded him significant acclaim during his lifetime. His masterful employment of the first-person narrative, especially in the context of unreliable narrators and the multiple perspectives technique, bestowed a unique psychological depth and complexity that markedly influenced the development of detective fiction. Among his most celebrated works are 'The Woman in White' (1860) and 'The Moonstone' (1868), which are widely regarded as antecedents to the modern detective novel. Additionally, he established a close professional and personal relationship with Charles Dickens, having collaborated and contributed to Dickens' periodicals. While 'The Girl at the Gate' is less frequently cited amongst his more prominent titles, it nonetheless exemplifies Collins' knack for combining legal knowledge, social commentary, and gripping storytelling. Collins' impact on the literary world endures through his innovative narrative strategies and exploration of Victorian anxieties, affirming his place as an integral figure in the development of British fiction. Collins passed away on September 23, 1889, but his works continue to be studied and enjoyed for their literary significance and foresight into genre development.

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