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Set during the Restoration-period French republic, the novel follows the life story of Valentine, a young lady who is born into an aristocratic family but falls in love with the peasant farmer, Benedict. While marriage between Valentine and Benedict would be based on genuine love, it is also forbidden by their class differences. Her family finds a better suited fiancé for her in form of Évariste de Lansac, who is greedy and pursues marriage for land and wealth. Destroyed by Valentine's betrayal Benedict becomes entangled romantically with Valentine's sister Louise

Über den Autor

George Sand (1804-1876) is a pen name of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, a French novelist, memoirist, and journalist. She was one of the most popular writers in Europe in her lifetime, being more renowned than both Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac. Sand is recognized as one of the most notable writers of the European Romantic era.

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