Captives of the Desert

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This western by Zane Grey is an engrossing story of John Curry, a cowboy in the Arizona desert. Curry falls in love with a lonely married woman, Mary Newman, whom he met while rescuing an Indian child. He tries to keep his distance from her but becomes a deadly enemy of her scheming husband- a lazy drunkard involved in the illegal sale of watered-down alcohol to the Indians; he swears to protect Mary from her husband at all cost. This work presents an incredible story, depicting life in the desert of Arizona and relations between people, both white and Indian. The novel is full of several twists and turns along with interesting events that keep the reader wondering, "what next?"
Author of Captives of the Desert, Zane Grey, sticking to his style, has used wonderfully vivid descriptions of scenery and impactful characterization in the novel. It is an exciting story packed with action and romance of the Old West.

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