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Über das eBook

Arthur Schopenhauer
Born in Danzig in 1788, died in Frankfurt am Main in 1860,
was an outsider among philosophers. He did not belong to any particular school but bravely opposed the dominant schools of thought of his time by taking a more physical, oriented philosophical path.

Human spirit, world history, meaning and goal, these are all illusions for him. For him the world is a senseless stage play of violence and agony.

Man, ruled by irrational instincts, world history without any purpose, without any meaningful development.

Life means suffering!

Über den Autor

Dennis Hans Ladener, born May 11th, 1990 in Cologne, is a German philosopher and writer who, at the young age of 29, managed to bring eighteen "philosophical non-fiction books" to market on his own.

The main focus of his work and his thinking are based on the philosophy of the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.
Since his main work, the world as will and idea, always held the greatest source of inspiration for himself.

I must have always been a little weird, and even as a child I spent a lot of time thinking about the world. Fantasy, imagination and a strong natural curiosity have always been my most loyal companions.

The secret behind why I became the way I am is probably hidden in the fact that I have always avoided becoming an adult!

In 2011 he successfully completed his three-year training as a specialist in protection and security. From now on he could concentrate fully on his personal study of philosophy.

At the age of 20 I finally fell in love with philosophy and finally with Arthur Schopenhauer's world of thought.

"It was a long, lonely and rocky road.
But I have never regretted leaving him! "

* Our author's drive is to make complex and difficult-to-understand philosophical, socio-critical and scientific topics accessible to the broader population as simply and clearly as possible.

Not an easy undertaking.
But one that is worth trying! "

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