15 Collected Westerns of Zane Grey

eBook: 15 Collected Westerns of Zane Grey

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Zane Gray was an American author, known on both sides of the ocean for his Westerns – popular novels and adventure stories that represented a solid, idealized image of the Old West. From his pen came out over 60 books of westerns, on which more than 100 films were shot. The multibook includes the most read novels of the author, such as: «Forlorn River», «Nevada», «Arizona Ames», «Majesty’s Rancho», «Knights of the Range», «Under the Tonto Rim», «The Thundering Herd», «West of the Pecos», «The Hash Knife Outfit», «Twin Sombreros», «Lost Pueblo», «The Trail Driver», «The Drift Fence», «Valley of Wild Horses», «The Wilderness Trek».

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