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In „Calling Dr. Kildare”, Dr. Kildare has left his family home to work in a metropolitan hospital with the brilliant Dr. Gillespie who is slowly dying. Kildare has been chosen to work under the irascible Doctor and receive his vast knowledge. On his first case, young Dr. Kildare defies his chief-of -staff, and faces danger and scandal... It is the second in the „Dr. Kildare” series, written by Max Brand, which was the pen name of prolific author Frederick Faust. He is best known for his hundreds of Western novels, the most popular being „Destry Rides Again”. There were eight novels in the Dr. Kildare series beginning in 1940 with „Young Dr. Kildare” and finishing in 1943. This series is about the many exploits of Dr. Kildare, who starts out the series as a medical intern as he works to try and become a doctor.

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