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Originally published in 1866 under the pseudonym „A. M. Barnard.” Louisa May Alcott’s novel of romance and sexual intrigue is one of her lesser-known gems. „Behind a Mask, or A Woman Power” is a controversial novella; its tone and characterizations strike a markedly different chord from her best-known works, such as „Little Women” and „Little Men”. The plot of the novella is focused upon Jean Muir, who works as a governess for one of the rich families of Coventry to their sixteen-year-old daughter. She employs intrigues and manipulation to gain success in the society, starting from the family she works for. But is the beguiling Miss Muir all that she seems to be? Alcott beautifully delivers a sick and twisted tale of a woman and her arts. She put a completely new spin on Victorian literature, which could only be accomplished in American.

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