The Lost Princess of Oz

eBook: The Lost Princess of Oz

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Who is stealing almost all of the magical treasures of Oz – including the Magic Picture, the Wizard’s black bag, and Glinda’s Book of Records? Dorothy and her friends set out to comb all of Oz, not only for magic stolen from Glinda and the Wizard, but also for the kidnapped princess, Ozma. Along the way, they explore regions never seen in other „Oz” books, meeting strange and interesting people and animals, and falling into peril more than once. Deep in the Winkie Country, Dorothy’s search party learns that Ozma is the prisoner of a mysterious villain. But if their new foe is powerful enough to steal Princess Ozma and all their magical treasures, how will they defeat him with no magic of their own? In this 1917 addition to the „Oz” series, L. Frank Baum delights readers of all ages with a spellbinding mystery that involves nearly every one of the amazing cast of characters that populate America’s favorite fairyland.

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