Sam Steele’s Adventures in Panama

eBook: Sam Steele’s Adventures in Panama

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Sam Steele is now captain of a ship – an old and battered craft, but his own command. He is sailing it around South America to California. A storm forces Sam’s ship to the Panamanian coast. There, the travelers encounter the Techla Indians, descendants of the Aztecs. The Techlas are hostile to outsiders; Sam and his crew are tempted by the Indians’ abundant gold and gems. Traveling ashore in Moit’s amphibious auto, the Americans attempt to manipulate the Techla, without success. „Sam Steele’s Adventures in Panama” is a boy’s adventure novel written by L. Frank Baum, and published in 1907 under the pseudonym „Capt. Hugh Fitzgerald.” The book was a sequel to the first „Sam Steele” novel, „Sam Steele’s Adventures on Land and Sea”. The book was reprinted two years later, in 1908, with the alternative title „The Boy Fortune Hunters in Alaska”.

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