The Doctor's Wife

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Isabel Sleaford is a young woman who fantasies about the books she reads and sees life through the eyes of Bryon and Shelley. She catches the eye of George Gilbert, the young handsome doctor, who notices how Isabel is different from other ladies he knows and falls in love with her. Although they are not the perfect match, him being pragmatic and her being a dreamer, the marriage is concluded. The ill-matched pair soon meets the trouble in paradise which comes up from the inconsistency in their expectations from life. While the doctor is busy with his patients, Isabel becomes bored and lonely. When she meets a dashing poet by the name of Roland Lansdell it brings excitement to her life.

Über den Autor

Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1835-1915) was an English popular novelist of the Victorian era. She is best known for her sensation mystery novel Lady Audley's Secret, which has been dramatized and filmed several times. Although best known for mysteries and sensation novels, she also wrote historical fiction and several works of supernatural fiction. Braddon founded Belgravia magazine, which presented readers with serialized sensation novels, poems, travel narratives and biographies, as well as essays on fashion, history and science.

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