The Power of Darkness

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The Act takes place in autumn in a large village. The Scene represents Peter's roomy hut. Peter is sitting on a wooden bench, mending a horse-collar. Anisya and Akoulina are spinning, and singing a part song.
PETER [looking out of the window] The horses have got loose again. If we don't look out they'll be killing the colt. Nikita! Hey, Nikita! Is the fellow deaf? [Listens. To the women] Shut up, one can't hear anything.
NIKITA [from outside] What?
PETER. Drive the horses in.
NIKITA. We'll drive 'em in. All in good time.
PETER [shaking his head] Ah, these labourers! If I were well, I'd not keep one on no account. There's nothing but bother with 'em. [Rises and sits down again] Nikita!? It's no good shouting. One of you'd better go. Go, Akoul, drive 'em in.
AKOULINA. What? The horses?
PETER. What else?
AKOULINA. All right. [Exit].
PETER. Ah, but he's a loafer, that lad ? no good at all. Won't stir a finger if he can help it.
ANISYA. You're so mighty brisk yourself. When you're not sprawling on the top of the oven you're squatting on the bench. To goad others to work is all you're fit for.

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