Dickens for Christmas (Illustrated Edition)

eBook: Dickens for Christmas (Illustrated Edition)

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e-artnow presents to you this unique collection of the greatest Christmas classics to warm up your heart and rekindle your holiday sparkle:
A Christmas Carol
The Chimes
Oliver Twist
A Christmas Tree
David Copperfield
Little Dorrit
The Cricket on the Hearth
The Battle of Life
The Haunted Man
What Christmas Is As We Grow Older
The Poor Relation's Story
The Child's Story
The Schoolboy's Story
Nobody's Story
The Seven Poor Travellers
The Holly-Tree
The Wreck of the Golden Mary
The Perils of Certain English Prisoners
A House to Let
The Haunted House
A Message From the Sea
Tom Tiddler's Ground
Somebody's Luggage
Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy
Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions
Mugby Junction
No Thoroughfare
Great Expectations
The Pickwick Papers

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