The Secret of Dr. Kildare

eBook: The Secret of Dr. Kildare

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The „Dr. Kildare” series is written by Max Brand, which was the pen name of prolific author Frederick Faust, and is from the medical genre. This series is about the many exploits of Dr. Kildare, who starts out the series as a medical intern as he works to try and become a doctor. The stories follow Dr. James „Jimmy” Kildare, an aspiring surgeon, who leaves the simple life of his parents’ farm to practice medicine at a big-city hospital. Brand this time has young Dr. Kildare take on a special case to force his beloved Gillespie to take a rest from the research job which is draining him. The case involves a fear neurosis in the daughter of a multimillionaire, and Kildaire uses unorthodox means to get to the bottom of it, and pulls her through.

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