The Complete Works of George Washington

eBook: The Complete Works of George Washington

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This thoroughly edited collection gives a complete insight into the life and legacy of the first American President, George Washington. The work of George Washington presented in this book covers both his military carrier (Journals and Orders from the Revolutionary war) and his presidency (Inaugural Addresses, State of the Union Addresses, Messages to Congress and more). Finally, this collection sheds light to the private life of Washington through his personal correspondence. The edition includes the biography of George Washington and further insight in his writings, works and legacy.
The Life of George Washington
Journal of My Journey Over the Mountains
The Journal of Major George Washington: Sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie to the Commandant of the French Forces in Ohio
George Washington's Rules of Civility
George Washington in Revolutionary War
George Washington's Remarks About the French and Indian War
Inaugural Addresses
State of the Union Addresses
Messages to Congress
Washington's Masonic Correspondence
Letters of George Washington
Farewell Address
Last Will and Testament

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