Captives of the Desert

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Trying to save the life of an Indian child when he’s thrown from his horse, John Curry falls into the arms of a lonely married woman with a jealous, scheming husband. Unless Curry revives his mission of mercy, three people will die – and the first one will be Curry. Here is all the thrilling action, color, and romance of the Old West, exciting tales that make your blood tingle! Ruthless bandits in a lawless land: fearless men and the brave women they fought for. The roar of blazing guns, the awesome silence of prairie and canyon. „Captives of the Desert” has its social commentary on the sacredness of marriage, and its religious undertones – how the desert can take hold of a person and fashion them into its own image, or can exert a force, of an inexplicable kind, to bring peace and contentment over the soul – a communing with God.

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