The Shuttle

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Sir Nigel Anstruthers comes to New York in search of an heiress, as he no longer has enough money to keep up his estate, Stornham Court. He marries the pretty and cosseted Rosalie Vanderpoel, the daughter of an American millionaire. But on their return to England, Nigel and his mother isolate Rosalie from her family. Many years later, Rosalie's now-grown up sister Bettina, who has spent a decade wondering why Rosy has lost contact with the family, arrives at Stornham Court to investigate. She discovers Rosalie and her son Ughtred, physically and emotionally fragile, living in the ruined estate. Bettina, who is both beautiful and made of considerably stronger stuff than her sister, begins to restore both Rosalie's health and spirits and the building and grounds of Stornham Court in Nigel's absence. Bettina, as an attractive heiress, attracts the attention of the local gentry and re-integrates her sister into society, and she also makes the acquaintance of another impoverished English nobleman, Lord Mount Dunstan.

About the Author

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849–1924) was an English-American novelist and playwright best known for her captivating children's stories and novels that characteristicly interweave the themes of youth, wonder, and the resilience of the human spirit. Burnett's writing career began in her late teens when she started to contribute stories to magazines to support her struggling family. Her literary break came with the publication of 'That Lass o' Lowrie's' in 1877, a novel that marked her reputation as a talented writer. However, it was her children's literature, including 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' (1886), 'A Little Princess' (1905), and 'The Secret Garden' (1911), that immortalized Burnett in the world of belletristics. These books have become classics, enchanting generations with their exploration of redemption and the transformative power of nature and kindness. 'The Shuttle' (1907), though less known than her famed children's novels, is another essential work which addresses the transatlantic marriages between American heiresses and British gentry, reflecting social issues of the Gilded Age. Burnett's narrative style is noted for its vivid characterizations, accessibility, and vivid descriptions. Her scholarly legacy persists through the continuous study and enjoyment of her richly textured stories that have not only entertained but also provided insightful commentary on the societal norms of her time.

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