The Ringer & Again the Ringer: The Complete Collection of 18 Thriller Classics

ebook: The Ringer & Again the Ringer: The Complete Collection of 18 Thriller Classics

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Edgar Wallace's 'The Ringer & Again the Ringer: The Complete Collection of 18 Thriller Classics' is a testament to the enduring charm of early twentieth-century detective fiction. Wallace's prose is swift and gripping, capturing the reader in a web of suspense and intrigue much like the shadows of London that his characters so often traverse. The collection embodies the essence of the thriller genre, replete with enigmatic characters, convoluted plots, and unexpected twists. Notably, Wallace's work is situated within the Golden Age of Detective Fiction — a period that forged the archetype of the detective story — and his contribution through these tales is both pivotal and profound, illustrated by his masterful blending of action and deduction.

Edgar Wallace was an incredibly prolific English writer, whose literary output has hardly been surpassed. Wallace's experience as a journalist and his exposure to crime and the intricacies of the criminal underworld during his time reporting imbued his fiction with a palpable sense of realism and urgency. The variety of roles he occupied throughout his life — from a war correspondent to a Hollywood screenwriter — deeply influenced his writing, allowing him to craft narratives that are richly textured and vividly imagined. His unparalleled imagination conjured a oeuvre that remains unparalleled in its scope and ambition.

For aficionados of classic crime and mystery, 'The Ringer & Again the Ringer' is an indispensable collection that provides an authentic taste of Edgar Wallace's ingenuity. Its array of dynamic stories captures the spirit of an era and the imagination of a master storyteller. This collection is an inviting journey for those seeking to unravel the puzzles of the human psyche through the lens of one of literature's great architects of suspense. Wallace's work is not merely a cultural artifact but a thrilling excursion into the art of enthralling storytelling, ensuring that his legacy as the 'King of Thrillers' endures.

About the Author

Edgar Wallace (1875–1932) was a prolific British writer and journalist known for his gripping thrillers, detective tales, and exciting adventure stories. Born into poverty as the illegitimate son of actors, Wallace was adopted by a fish porter and raised in London's working-class district of Billingsgate. Despite a dearth of formal education, Wallace exhibited a notable afflatus for storytelling, which he parlayed into an extensive literary career. He initially worked as a war correspondent during the Second Boer War for the Daily Mail and subsequently transitioned into authorship, penning hundreds of stories, over 175 novels, several plays, and numerous articles in his lifetime. Wallace's hallmark was his prodigious output coupled with a fast-paced narrative style that captivated readers and earned him the designation as one of the most-read authors of his time. Among his enduring creations is 'The Ringer & Again the Ringer: The Complete Collection of 18 Thriller Classics,' which showcase his mastery in the crime genre and the invention of memorable characters that have been adapted into various theatrical and cinematic renditions. Wallace's work remains influential, with his distinct blend of suspense and action, laying the groundwork for future thriller and detective fiction. His legacy endures through the Edgar Wallace Award, a testament to his impact on the genre.

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