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About the eBook

Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'One Day At Arle' emerges as a testament to the nuances of the human experience, captured through Burnett's delicate prose and rich characterizations. As part of DigiCat Publishing's commitment to preserving the literary legacies of humankind, this edition exemplifies their rigor in maintaining the integrity of classic works. The eponymous 'one day' is explored with a narrative that intertwines introspection and social commentary, emblematic of Burnett's narrative style and reflective of its Victorian roots. The tale resonates with Burnett's characteristic exploration of both the ephemeral nature of a single day and the larger societal constructs it encapsulates.
In the realm of children's literature and beyond, Frances Hodgson Burnett has long been celebrated for her ability to weave compelling stories that transcend the boundaries of age and era. 'One Day At Arle' extends beyond her renowned works such as 'The Secret Garden' and 'A Little Princess,' revealing the depth and versatility of her writing. This narrative may have been inspired by Burnett's own life, rich in both joy and tribulation, which often influenced the themes of resilience and finding beauty in the mundane that permeate her works.
The republication of 'One Day At Arle' by DigiCat Publishing provides an opportunity for both aficionados of Burnett's oeuvre and newcomers alike to indulge in a work that, though perhaps lesser-known, is no less deserving of recognition and study. It invites readers to immerse themselves in its literary artistry and to explore the textured fabric of a single day's journey through Burnett's Victorian lens. This book is fitting for those with an appreciation for classic literature and for anyone who seeks to understand the enduring human themes that are as relevant today as they were in Burnett's time.

About the Author

Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849–1924) was a British-American novelist and playwright, recognized for her children's literature and characterized by her vivid storytelling, use of rich detail, and a keen ability to explore social and psychological themes. Born in Cheetham, England, she emigrated with her family to the United States in 1865, where she would eventually find literary success. Burnett's breakthrough came with the publication of 'That Lass o' Lowrie's' in 1877, a novel that revealed her narrative dexterity and understanding of class disparities. Her lasting legacy, however, is primarily through enduring classics like 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' (1886), 'A Little Princess' (1905), and 'The Secret Garden' (1911), which continue to captivate readers with their exploration of resilience, transformation, and the healing power of nature. Burnett showcased her versatility as an author with works such as 'One Day At Arle' (1886), a piece that, like her more famous works, encased her flair for constructing intricate and emotional human experiences. An advocate of the Romantic tradition, Burnett's literature often weaved elements of the fantastic with the real, and her storytelling transcended the Victorian era to influence generations of readers and writers alike. Her contribution to children's literature is particularly noted for its progressive characterizations of childhood, stressing the importance of imagination and personal growth.

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