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This work presents a captivating short memoir about the author's friendship and experiences with an English robin she met in the Rose Garden of the English country house. Many days went by, and the curiosity between the two turned into a memorable friendship. Gradually, the robin took courage and began to claim Burnett's attention through sweet songs and dances. A special bond was created that lasted a long time until Frances had to move to America the next spring. She wrote about the moment of farewell with such deep emotions that they leave a long-lasting impact on the reader. She was deeply affected when she couldn't see the robin again. Burnett wrote the book while recovering from her disastrous second marriage and her son's death. This delightful work allowed her to circulate her personal beliefs about nature, animals, and interspecies interactions. She writes about how fascinated she was with the beautiful bird and starts by saying that she did not own the robin, but the robin owned her. Burnett personified the bird throughout the work by writing about her interactions with him and giving him human-like attributes.

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