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This carefully crafted ebook: "MAX BRAND Premium Collection: 29 Western Classics & Adventure Tales - Including The Dan Barry Series & The Ronicky Doone Trilogy" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944) was an American author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns under the pen name Max Brand. Brand also created the popular fictional character of young medical intern Dr. James Kildare in a series of pulp fiction stories. Prolific in many genres he wrote historical novels, detective mysteries, pulp fiction stories and many more. His love for mythology was a constant source of inspiration for his fiction, and it has been speculated that these classical influences accounted in some part for his success as a popular writer. Many of his stories would later inspire films. Table of Contents: The Dan Barry Trilogy The Untamed The Night Horseman The Seventh Man The Ronicky Doone Trilogy Ronicky Doone Ronicky Doone's Treasure Ronicky Doone's Reward Other Novels Above the Law Harrigan! Trailin'! Riders of the Silences Crossroads The Man Who Forgot Christmas Black Jack The Cure of Silver Cañon Donnegan Bull Hunter Jerico's Garrison Finish The Long, Long Trail Way of the Lawless Alcatraz The Garden of Eden The Power of Prayer The Rangeland Avenger Wild Freedom Short Stories John Ovington Returns That Receding Brow Hole-In-The-Wall Barrett The Ghost Out of the Dark

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Max Brand, a pseudonym for Frederick Schiller Faust, was an American author known for his prolific output in a variety of genres, though most prominently in Western fiction. Born on May 29, 1892, in Seattle, Washington, Faust published under numerous pen names, with Max Brand being the most famous. With a literary career that spanned the early 20th century until his death in 1944, Brand's work defined the Western genre for subsequent authors. His narratives, infused with adventure and psychological depth, captivate readers with their vivid descriptions of the American frontier. One of the crowning achievements of his literary legacy is the 'MAX BRAND Premium Collection', which showcases his narrative prowess and his deft skill in crafting memorable characters and tightly-woven plots. Known for a style that emphasizes action and dialogue over exposition, Brand's writing continues to influence the Western genre. The sheer volume and quality of his work have made him a seminal figure in American literature, earning him a lasting place in the pantheon of great Western storytellers. Brand's contribution to the field is commemorated in his induction into the Western Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1959, posthumously honoring his significant impact on the literature of the American West.

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