Celebrated Crimes (Complete Series – All 18 Books in One Edition)

eBook: Celebrated Crimes (Complete Series – All 18 Books in One Edition)

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Celebrated Crimes is a collection of true crime stories, narratives and essays on famous criminals and crimes from European history, compiled by Alexandre Dumas, père, with the assistance of several friends. He featured Beatrice Cenci, Martin Guerre, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, as well as more recent events and criminals, including the cases of the alleged murderers Karl Ludwig Sand and Antoine François Desrues, who were executed. Table of Contents: The Borgias The Cenci Massacres of the South Mary Stuart Karl-Ludwig Sand Urbain Grandier Nisida Derues La Constantin Joan of Naples The Man in the Iron Mask (An Essay) Martin Guerre Ali Pacha The Countess De Saint-Geran Murat The Marquise De Brinvilliers Vaninka The Marquise De Ganges

Über den Autor

Alexandre Dumas (1802–1870) was a giant of French literature, best known for historical novels that blend adventure and romance, creating a tapestry of the human condition. His life, much like the swashbuckling heroes of his novels, was marked by dramatic flair and grandiose achievements. Dumas' lineage itself bore the seeds of his future tales, as he was the son of General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, a man of Afro-Caribbean descent who rose to prominence in the French military during the revolutionary era. This rich cultural background undoubtedly influenced Dumas' perspective and literary pursuits. In his extensive oeuvre, the standout works include 'The Three Musketeers' and 'The Count of Monte Cristo', which have enthralled readers with their exploration of justice and heroism. His compilation 'Celebrated Crimes' (Complete Series – All 18 Books in One Edition) shines a light on his intricate storytelling through historical true crime, giving a detailed account of infamous criminals and sordid acts that stood the test of time. Dumas' literary style was characterized by fast-paced plots, vivid characterizations, and a captivating blend of fact and fiction. As a pivotal figure in romantic literature, his work continues to resonate, and his influence can be seen across a range of modern cultural media. Alexandre Dumas remains an enduring literary icon whose narratives are celebrated for their universal appeal and rich historical detail.

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